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Tuesday 2nd June


L.O: Can I explore the features of a myth?

Today, we are looking at a new unit of work – Viking myths. Myths are stories, which are not about real people, that are passed on from one person to another – down generations. When the Vikings came to Britain, they had their own pagan religion and they worshipped many gods. The old stories they told about gods, giants and monsters are known as Norse Myths.

Read this story of ‘Thor and His Stolen Hammer.'

Can you predict what you think will happen at various points in the story? Discuss what you thought of the story. Who is the hero and villain? There are also some activities to complete at the end of the PowerPoint. 

So, what are the features of a Viking Myth? Today, you are going to write down your ideas on a mind-map. 

Ideas to consider- Is it fiction/non-fiction? The plot. The language used. Characters and settings. 



LO: Can I identify common factors of two numbers?

Today, you are going to create Venn diagrams to compare 2 numbers and find any common factors. 

Click here to see an example. 

Then, complete the task using these templates. 




 RE work can be found on the main Lions class school closure page.