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Monday 29th June


Starter- Read through this persuasive language presentation

Then complete these anagrams. Once you have solved them, can you write an example for each one? 

Main- This week you will be writing a leaflet for your Viking holiday. The leaflet should include more detailed information than your advertisement. 

Click here to read the features of a leaflet. 

Then, I would like you to plan your leaflet which you will begin writing tomorrow:

What features need to be included? 

What will your heading be? 

How many sub-heading do you need? And what will the sub-headings be?

How many pictures will you include? What will they be?



 Over the next few weeks we will be recapping mathematics skills learned over this academic year. 

LO: Can I add fractions?

Watch this video on adding fractions. 

Now watch this video on adding fractions with different denominators. 

Then complete this activity:

Year 4- (Hot page 1, Spicy pg. 4 and challenge pg.7)

Year 5- (Mild page.1, Hot pg.2 and Spicy pg.3)





LO: Can I plan a fair test?

Can you help me? I have 2 ice cubes which I need to defrost. I have heard that if you place the ice cubes on different surfaces they will defrost at different speeds. Can you plan and carry out an investigation to prove this? 

Which surfaces will you include? (Tip- use one metal surface then find a different material for the other surface!)

What do you think will happen?

How can the test be made fair? 

What was the outcome? Why?


Watch this mountaineering video. 

Can you design mountaineering clothing? What materials will you use and why?

Draw and label your design.