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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 1st June


Our topic this term is Victorious Vikings! To introduce you to this topic I would like you to read this text and complete the comprehension questions. 

Choose which level you would like to complete:

Mild- pages 1-3

Hot- pages 5-7

Spicy- Pages 9-12.



LO: Can I define and find factors of a number?

First, read the information and watch the video on finding factors of a number.

Then, click here to choose mild, hot or spicy questions to create factor rainbows.

Click here to see an example of a factor rainbow.



Our Science topic this term is Materials. Today, you are going to be investigating thermal conductivity by making a thermal powered oven.

Click here to follow the instructions to complete the investigation. (You may need to wait for a warm, sunny day for this lesson!)

After the investigation, can you write up your findings? Did the experiment work? Why/why not? How long did it take? Did you need to adapt/change anything? If you used different materials would the experiment work? Why?

If you are unable to do this task- Can you write a prediction about what you think would happen and why?