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Friday 5th June


LO: Can I describe and compare mythical characters?

First, read this PowerPoint on Viking gods and goddesses. 

Today, you are going to be writing character descriptions. Choose a character from the PowerPoint and write a paragraph describing that character. Remember to include adjectives and similes in your writing. 

Challenge: Can you compare 2 characters? (E.g. Thor is _______, but Loki is __________.)



LO: Can I find the factors of a number?

Click here to view the worksheet. You can choose the mild, hot or spicy worksheet (scroll down on the worksheet to find hot and spicy).


Challenge: Can you complete these factor trees?



LO: To understand where the Vikings came from. 

First, I would like you to complete this mind-map of things that you already know about vikings, and write a list of questions of things you would like to find out during this terms topic. 

Then, look at this map of Viking settlements and homelands. 

Finally, follow the instructions to complete this map.