De Montfort Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1SR

01273 473 017


Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Mrs Hilary Nawrocka (Headteacher)

Mrs Louisa Adams (Assistant Headteacher and Eagles class teacher Y3/4)

Mrs Sarah Reeves (SENCO)

Brenda Robinson and Barbara Scalvini (Joint Chairs of Governors)

Canon Jonathan Martin (Parish Priest)

Our Teaching Team

Miss Olivia Smith (Bumble-bees Class Teacher YR/1)

MIss Elise Page (Grasshoppers Class Teacher Y2/3)

Mrs Louisa Adams (Eagles Class Teachers Y3/4)

Mr James Cappuccini (Swallows Class Teacher Y5/6)

Mrs Sarah Hastings (Artist in Residence)

Our Support Team

Mrs Cindy Cornford (Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant)

Mrs Wendy Greenham (Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant)

Mr Dan Ewen (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Abi Saunders (Teaching Assistant)

Ms Debby Curry (Teaching Assistant)

Our Administrative Team

Ms Phil Parratt (School Secretary)

Bursar vacancy

Our Caretaking Team

Mr Callum Young (Caretaker)

Mrs Natalie Letts (Cleaner)

Mrs Janine Fitzgerald (Cleaner)