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At St Pancras, we use a range of schemes to ensure our children are fluent when recalling number facts.

Mastering Number - What is it?

We have fidelity to the Mastering Number programme to teach fluency in subitising and number facts from EYFS to Year 3. This programme is also used to support children who are not yet secure with number facts in Key Stage 2. We use the programme's assessment and tracking tools to ensure children are secure with these skills and deliver interventions to close any gaps.

What do the children learn?

  • Pupils are able to clearly communicate their mathematical ideas.  
  • They develop a secure understanding of how to build firm mathematical foundations. 
  • They develop fluency in calculation and number sense.

What is subitising?

Subitising is being able to look at a group of objects and identify how many there are without counting.

Subitising is a visuospatial skill, number sense develops children's understanding of number and spatial awareness hand in hand. The programme materials expose the different ways that small quantities can be arranged and manipulated, and teach children to see quantities within quantities. Some examples are below. The programme supports children to develop their own visual images of quantities to ten.