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Ashdown Forest

In October, the whole-school went on a visit to Ashdown Forest.  While we were there, each class enjoyed doing different activities to complement their topic learning, and then we all came together for lunch.


Bumble-bees learnt all about Winnie the Pooh’s link to Ashdown Forest.  They looked at some of the plants and animals that live there and explored the area searching for Pooh and his friends.  They even rescued Tigger from a tree by catching him on a trampoline created from Christopher Robin’s coat!


Eagles learnt that people have lived in this landscape since the Stone Age and that in the past people knew a lot about the plants and animals and used this knowledge for their survival.  They gained hands-on experience of making simple tools and looking for seasonal wild food, and looked at the landscape and plant communities of the forest as ones that have existed for a very long time.


Swallows looked at variation and adaptation, building on their learning in science.

They looked at adaptations of heathland and woodland species and how these help the species to survive in their habitat.

They also gained an understanding of variation in offspring and that some variations may be more successful in a given environment/ conditions; as well as learning that inheritance of beneficial traits is how species can evolve to become adapted to suit their environment (the process of natural selection or evolution).