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“Stories are one of the greatest gifts that we can give our children. Stories are equipment for life.” – Matthew Knisely


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Richard Steel


At St Pancras Catholic Primary School, it is our aim to instill a lifelong love of reading, alongside building the skills needed to become fluent and independent readers. It is important that our children understand the benefits that reading has not only on their academic progress but also how it helps them to develop culturally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. 


Our children’s reading journey begins in Reception, where they have daily opportunities to listen to and share stories, songs and nursery rhymes. In Reception and KS1, children’s phonic knowledge and word reading is developed using Bug Club Phonics programme. We understand that children develop at different paces, so same day interventions support the children to keep up with the pace of  the teaching sequence, this is adapted to suit the needs of individual cohorts. Guided Reading sessions are also taught to develop children’s comprehension skills. In KS2, Guided reading and daily reading sessions are delivered to ensure that children have the opportunity to further develop their word reading and comprehension skills. Teachers aim to be reading role models in the way that they discuss texts and model reading.


Across the school, we promote reading for pleasure through the creative use of high quality texts in our English and Guided Reading lessons and daily reading sessions of class texts or shared reading sessions.  Our children have daily access to class book corners.  Further to this, we hold book swaps, author visits and celebrate World Book Day to enrich the children’s reading experiences. It is our aim that this will encourage children to want to read regularly both at home and school.  


Below you will find:

  • Our reading progression document . 
  • Our Reading policy which outlines our approach to reading.