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Monday 22nd June


LO: Can I understand persuasive writing techniques?

Persuasive writing- Media texts are an important kind of persuasive text. They include advertisements, reviews, articles, posters and leaflets.

Watch this video on how to persuade the reader. There is also further information that you can read on this page.

Activity 1- Write a list of the techniques to persuade discussed in the video. This will help you with your own persuasive writing. 

Activity 2- Look at and read this range of persuasive writing texts and answer the questions on the final page. 


LO: Can I add a five-digit number and a five-digit number?

Activity- Choose from mild, hot or spicy. 





Aspiring architects

Which materials are best for building a house? Your task is to build a house using found materials around your home. You should design your house to be weatherproof, warm (think about insulation), allow natural light to enter and be strong. We would like to see photos of your house along with an explanation of why you have chosen the materials used.

Activity 1- Design and label your house. 

Activity 2- Write your reasons for using each material (e.g. I chose ________ for insulation because....)

Activity 3- Build your house. 

Activity 4- How can you test if your house is strong, waterproof and insulated? Plan and carry out tests.

Activity 5- Write a conclusion.