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Thursday 4th June


Choose from these activities:

BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga (be aware that whilst this is a link to their website, the videos are hosted on Youtube, which may possibly contain ads)

'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons at 9am every day. You can do these at home. (again, be aware that these videos are hosted on Youtube)

Jumpstart Johnny has a free section with some workouts to do.



Can I recognise why rules and laws are important?

Thought shower: Why do we have rules in class and school? Why are laws important in our society? What happens when people break the rules in school and in society?

You could write down your ideas or discuss with someone at home. 

Next, I want you to find out the meaning of being influenced and peer-pressured. Then, discuss the difference between being influenced by others in a positive or negative way. 

Create a comic to show how you can help others resist peer temptation in school.



Today, you are going to design your own viking shield. 

First, view this PowerPoint. 

Here are some more ideas!

Now, you are ready to design your own shield. You can choose to use this template or to draw your own. 


I will also be adding non-topic related creative activities on the Lions additional activities page. These are optional activities you could choose to do if you have any time to fill.