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Monday 6th July


How to train your dragon...

Have you read this book or watched the movie? If yes, what do you remember about it? If no, can you do some research about it? 

Watch this 3 minute movie recap! OR if you have access to the book or movie feel free to read it or watch it in your free time! This movie is a PG so your parents or guardians must give your permission if you are going to watch it.

Today, you are going to write the plot of the movie. I would like you to use this story mountain format. 




LO: Can I find the volume in cubic units?

Watch this video and read the information on this BBZ bitesize page.

Activity 1

Activity 2





LO: Can I define the meaning of the properties of materials?

Click here to view the worksheet.

Page 1-2- Match the properties to their definition. 

Page 3- Choose at least 3 objects around your home (each made from a different material). Then complete the table on page 3 for each object.