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Friday 17th July


Dragon top trumps!

Read these 2 how to train your dragon top trump cards and answer the questions. On page 2 there are instructions on how to play top trumps.

Then click here to make your own cards. Come up with your own categories but make sure the categories are the same for each of your dragons. 

Now you are ready to play top trumps!



LO: Can I recognise different types of graphs and charts?

Read this PowerPoint.

Activity- You will need to measure your shadow or a puddle at different times of the day to complete this activity. Then plot your measurements onto the line graph.



LO: To know some Viking gods and what they represent.

Read this Viking God PowerPoint.

Activity 1- Have a go at matching the Gods to their descriptions. 

Activity 2- Create your own Viking God 


Challenge- Can you complete this decoding activity?