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Monday 15th June


LO: Can I write the beginning of a Myth?

Starter: Write a list of fronted adverbials to use in your story. 

Look at your story mountain from last week and recap your plan. Today, you are going to be writing the background (characters/setting) of your story. 

You can use one of these writing frames:




The front page is your book cover; so you will also need to come up with a name for your myth and get creative with an eye catching drawing. 



LO: Can I explain how a shape has been translated?

First, watch this video which explains transformations of shapes. Pay close attention to translation. 

Now, complete this worksheet. You will be giving instructions on how the shape has been translated. The first one is done for you to give you an example.




LO: Can I classify transparent, translucent and opaque objects?

Starter activity- Write down the definitions of transparent, translucent and opaque and then find objects around your house to put into each category.

Experiment- Light box

To make a light box, you need a transparent material (either a plastic tub with a lid or greaseproof or tracing paper to create a window on a cardboard box) and a source of light (torch or fairy lights). You can create all sorts of things using a light box such as puppet shows or artworks.

Click here to view some examples.