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Wednesday 1st July


LO: Can I write a persuasive leaflet?

Today, you will be finishing your leaflet.



LO: Can I multiply fractions?

Activity 1- Multiplying fractions using diagrams.

Activity 2- Choose from mild, hot or spicy. Then have a go at the challenges!

More challenges!




Stop motion animation is used to make moving animated scenes. A model is moved slightly in each scene and a photo will be taken. These slightly different photos will all be put together to make a moving picture. Click here and have a go at making your own stop motion animation. Drag the mannequin’s body parts to move it. You can choose your setting and props. What will your animation be about? Remember to take a picture after every movement!



LO: Can I name furniture in Spanish?

Activity- Learn the words then complete the matching activity.

Challenge- Can you draw a room in your house and label the furniture in Spanish.