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Monday 8th June


LO: Can I use descriptive language to describe a setting?

LO2: Can I use fronted adverbials?

Starter: Look at these mythical settings. Choose 1 picture, then generate a list of adjectives to describe the setting. Can you put the adjectives into descriptive sentences?

Next, click here and choose either the mild, hot or spicy worksheet.

Use this list of fronted adverbials to support your writing. 


Challenge: Can you compare and contrast 2 settings?



 LO: Can I tell the time using increments of 5 minutes? 

Have a go at making your own paper plate clock here.

If you don't have the resources to make your own then there is a clock template on today's activity sheet. 

Now, follow the instructions here to move ahead and back on the clock in increments of 5 minutes. Remember pay attention to the hour hand whenever you pass the hour. Begin with mild, then try hot and finally spicy.

Challenge- Can you write your own instructions and follow them. 


Solubility experiment

Which materials will dissolve in water? Can you design and carry out a fair test to find out the answers? This link will help you with ideas to design your experiment.

Can this process be reversed through evaporation, filtration or sieving?

Challenge- Can you answer these true and false questions?