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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 3rd February


Recap the story so far then watch the rest of the story below:

Write a list of the characters: Sun God, Wind God, Blue Frog, and the villagers.

Activity: Today, you are going to retell or re-enact the story in your own words.

You can choose from these activities:

  • Act out the story.
  • Draw your own story map and use this to retell the story in your own words.
  • Make lolly-stick puppets and put on a puppet show for your family (see below).


Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Teach /igh/ written as ‘y.’ 

Watch this video.

Blend to read: by, shy, fly

Segment to spell: fry, why, myself

Can you use these words in a sentence? Can you write the sentence?



Year 1 video input




New topic: Statistics

Year 2 video input

Activity: Look at the tally chart of what pets pupils in a class had. Complete the tally chart and pictogram, then answer the questions.