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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 26th 


One less -Birthday cake activity.

Use the template in your resource pack or draw a cake. Select a number, for example 10 and put 10 candles on.

You could pretend it is a teddy’s birthday. Help your teddy by blowing one candle out, removing one candle from the cake each time.

White Rose:



Can you recap on the story so far? (The story is in several parts on the week 4 page). 

What has happened?

Can you predict who will help the Little Red Ant? 


Create the Little Red Ant (see Expressive Arts and Design).

Can you write labels or a caption for your picture? For example, the red ant has a big crumb. 


Teach the vowel digraph ‘ee’ using Bug Club.

Read: see, feel, weep, feet, jeep, seem, meet, week, deep and keep.


Understanding the world

Today we are learning about ants. Where would you find ants in your local area? 




Expressive Arts and Design

Can you combine two different materials to make the Little Red Ant?