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Catholic Primary School

Thursday 11th February

Here is the link to the video we watched in TEAMS yesterday:


We are exploring AB patterns today. You will continue and then create patterns. Saying the pattern aloud help us to continue the pattern. There are lots of ways to create AB patterns. For example, you could create an AB pattern using two colours, two shapes, two actions or sounds.

White Rose: Session 3

Activity: Use objects in your home or in your outside space to create an AB pattern.


Create a dance or some music with a repeated pattern. You could use the instrument you made on Wednesday.


Create a new page for the story. What would you blow from the glassblower? How would you get back home?


Use illustrations and a sentence to show what you create from the pipe.  How does it help you to get home?

There is a sheet with stars on it in your pack for this activity.


Review all of the phase 2 and 3 phonemes taught so far using the flashcards. The videos are on the class learning page. 

Writing the tricky words: he, she, me, we, go, no. into, the and was.

Write these sentences: 

The cat on the mat.                

She has a dog.                

He was ten.      

 Then play the tricky word bingo game (the phase 2 boards are in your home learning pack).        

Understanding the world (technology) 

Use the computer to read an e-book on Bug Club. Can you select the next page?

Watch the video below and blend each word.


Expressive Arts and Design

Can you use paint or paper to create a repeated pattern?