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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 8th February 


Look, say, cover and write your spellings daily. Select your group below:




Trees - Words ending in -tion

The spelling groups will be the same as your child had last term. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to email me-



Starter: What is a non-fiction text? A non-fiction text is a piece of writing which is informative or factual (real).

Read your notes from Friday. What did you find out about the history of chocolate? Where does chocolate come from? How is it made?

Activity: Today you are going to write up your notes to create a non-fiction/information text. Choose a fact from your mind map. Practice putting it into a full sentence aloud then write it onto the leaflet template. How many facts can you write?

Leaflet template



Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Teach /oa/ written as ‘ow.’

Watch this video.

Blend to read: snow, throw, flow

Segment to spell: grow, sparrow, window

Write sentence: Can you see the snow out the window?


Year 1 input                  Activity                    Answers


Year 2 input                 Activity                      Answers



Last week we learned that a large portion of Mexico is covered in rainforest. Another landscape found in parts of Mexico is desert. What does a desert look like? What would the temperature be like in the desert? What would the weather be like? What animals do you think you would find? What plants would grow here? Read through this desert information PowerPoint.

Main: Can you create a desert landscape? Use the pictures below to inspire your ideas. Remember to include some of the animals and plants you might find in the desert.

This is the work I would like you to send me today!