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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 3rd March 


How far?

Activities: Use a small object such as a bean bag in your outside space if possible. With your family the challenge is to throw the object as far as you can. Who has thrown their item the furthest? How could you check? Or use a ramp to explore how far different items will travel.

Extension: Can you estimate how far you will throw it?


Look at your plan from yesterday.

We are going to be thinking about the new characters today e.g. the big bad duck and the three little snails or the three little foxes and the big bad rabbit.

How do they look and act? Are they clever, sneaky, cunning, cheeky, kind or mean? For example: The big bad duck has a sharp beak.

Activity: Draw or paint one of your new characters. Can you write labels or a sentence to describe them?


Common exception words. (Tricky words) 

Teach the trigraph ‘air’.

Read the words: air, fair, hair and pair. 

Play Buried Treasure on  Phonics Play looking at ‘air’.


World Book Day afternoon activity

Today we will be creating the background for the puppets we made last week. You can make new puppets if you would like to. Your background can be on paper, in a cardboard box or 3D. Keep these safe as we will use them on Friday.