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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 3rd February


Digging deeper with 2D shapes.

White Rose: Session 3


Investigate which shapes you can make by combining squares, rectangles and triangles in different ways.

Key questions:

What shapes can you build?

Is there more than one way to build the same shape?

Can you build a square using a rectangle?

How do you know it is a square?


Today we are thinking about the monarch butterfly.

Watch the clips below to inspire you:

Activity: Monarch butterfly artwork. Then use your phonic knowledge to write labels e.g. wing.


Teach the digraph ‘ar’ using Bug Club. 

Read: car, bark, card, cart, hard, jar, park, market, and farmyard.


Understanding the world 

RE –Gathering

What activities do you like to do as a family?

Activity: Make a chart of ‘All that we do together’ as a family at home.


Expressive Arts and Design

Use your 2D shapes to make a butterfly.

Draw the outline on some paper and then fill the butterfly with your paper shapes.