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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 20th 


Counting accurately.

Use objects in your home to count accurately to 10 or 20. Start at 0 or 1 as shown in the video below. 

Literacy/Communication and language 

You can either ‘hot seat’ with your family, this is when you ask questions and someone else pretends to be the character or you can write your questions down.

E.g. Cuckoo how did you feel when you saw the fire?


Look at the common exception words. (Tricky words) I, no, to, go, into and the.

Teach the consonant digraph ‘th’. 



Talk about what we already know about celebrating in church e.g. Baptism, Christmas and Weddings.

Introduce the children to the term ‘Parish Family.’ Talk about the parish family celebrating.  Sometimes the parish family celebrates in church, sometimes outside church.

Discuss what is happening or what they can see.  Draw attention to the people, the priest, crucifix, benches, hymn books, stained glass windows, baptismal font, altar and lectern.

You could draw church or make a church using Lego or Duplo.