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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 10th February


Today we are using language to describe length and height, for example, the tree is tall, the pencil is short.

We are using mathematical vocabulary relating to length (longer, shorter), height (taller, shorter), and breadth (wider, narrower).

White Rose:


Build a tower or a road. Challenge your child to build a tower the same height as yours, a shorter tower and a taller tower or a longer road and a shorter road. How tall is the tallest tower they can build?


Using playdough. Can you make a long snake? A short snake? A thick snake? A thin snake? Show me the longest snake you can make. Extension: How many blocks long is your snake? 

Playdough link:

The snakes we made at school.
The snakes we made at school.


In the story, Elena creates music as she travels to Monterrey. Today we are going to create some music.


Create your own song, you can draw your song, write your song or use a combination of words and pictures.


Teach the digraph ‘oi’  using Bug Club.

Read: oil, boil, coin, coil, join, soil, toil and tinfoil. Write: I can dig in the sand. 


Expressive Arts and Design

Create a musical instrument.

Can you use some of the boxes and containers from your recycling to make a musical instrument?