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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 2nd February


Recap/re-watch the beginning of the story from yesterday. Can you discuss what has happened so far? Why didn’t Sun God and Wind God agree with each other? Today, you are going to pretend to be Wind God. How do you feel? Do you agree with Sun God? Why do you think Sun God should share the chocolate? Can you think of some adjectives to describe Sun God’s behaviour? (E.g. Greedy).

Activity: Write a counter argument against Sun God. Answer the questions above and use the sentence opener mat to support your argument writing. Can you use a capital letter for names of people and places?



Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Teach /igh/ written as ‘i-e.’ 

Watch this video

Then Blending to read: hide, time, pine

Segment to spell: tide, strike, ripe

Write sentence: This lime is not ripe yet.



Year 1 video input




Year 2 video input





LO: Can I identify and name some garden plants?

Think of a garden that you like to spend time in. It could be your own garden, a garden that you like to visit, or it could be a public garden or park. What kind of plants grow in your favourite garden? Can you name any of them?

Read through the PowerPoint.

Activity: Use the activity sheet ‘In the Garden’ to draw your garden or park. Can you label the plants in your garden/park?