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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Miss Fay's Morning video

Morning activity



Year 3 - LO - Can I use the inverse to find an answer?        Video input        Worksheet         Answers

Year 4 - LO - Can I identify factor pairs?                                Video input         Worksheet         Answers



Starter - How many different words can you make from the words  REMOTE LEARNING? Can you make a silly sentence from the words you have made?

Main activity -

First, read Mother Theresa's Biography (only look at the first 2 pages).

Second, using the Biography help sheet, see how many features of a biography you can identify. For example, can you highlight all of the past tense verbs? Or can you highlight the part that describes Mother Theresa's personality? Or her biggest achievements? 

Then, once you think you have highlighted and annotated (just like we do in class) all of the key features, have a look at the answers on pg 3 + 4 of the biography and see how many you got correct. 

Finally, email Miss Fay with your favourite fact about Mother Theresa. 



Silent Reading


 Topic - Can I explain who the first woman in space was?






Story time with Miss Fay - BFG Chapter 4