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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Thursday 28th


More, fewer or equal.

Activity: Provide a set of dominoes to explore. Ask the children to compare the number of spots on each side of the domino. Are there the same, more or fewer dots?


Use small, similar items such as people, toy cars or plastic animals and the number tiles from last week. Ask your child to show you fewer, the same (equal) or more than the number you choose.

Literacy - writing 

Today we are going to write the story from the perspective of Ant. You could create a book using folded pieces of paper to show each part.

 Activity: Use pictures, labels and captions to retell the story. We are going to use the words I and am.  You could use your story map from yesterday to help you.


Teach the vowel digraph ‘oo’ using Bug Club. 

Read: too, boot, zoo, hoot, zoom, cool, food, root, moon and rooftop.


Expressive Arts and Design 

How could you make a 3D ant? You could use cardboard boxes and egg cartons to create your ant. 

Understanding the world - technology

Use the computer to read an e-book on Bug Club. Can you select the next page?

Watch the video below and blend each word.