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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Thursday 21st


Counting groups of objects.

Today we are counting groups of objects and comparing them.

Use objects in your home and put them into two groups. How many in each? Which has more and which has less (fewer)?    (Session 1)


We are thinking about the actions of Cuckoo. What would the other animals in the story say about her? What would Cuckoo say?

Use the speech bubble to write about the actions of Cuckoo.

If you write as Cuckoo use the tricky word I. For example, I am…

If you write as Mole or the one of the other birds use the tricky word she. For example She is..


Teach the consonant digraph ‘ng’ using Bug Club:


Expressive Arts and Design

Create different shapes and patterns using chalk or pencils.

Put small objects such as buttons, beads or pompoms onto the shapes and patterns.