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Wednesday 6th Jan

Remember to practice your spellings daily. 

You have also been allocated books on BugClub to read daily. If you need help accessing BugClub or need new books allocated, please contact me-



Starter- Can you recap on the story so far? What has happened? Can you predict who will help the little red ant?  

Now watch the next part of the story below.

Can you answer these questions: Who is the main character in the story? How would you describe her? What is she like? Can you describe her personality traits? E.g. determined, clever … why do you think that? What is the evidence in the story?

Main- Today you will write a range of descriptive sentences to create a character profile. Use evidence and key words from the text to write about the appearance and personality of the Little Red Ant. Using a range of conjunctions (because/so) to back up your evidence.

E.g The Little Red ant is extremely brave because she went on a long journey to find somebody strong to help her. 

Click here to use this template or create your own. Make sure to draw a picture of the Little Red Ant on your character profile.



Can I recognise equal groups?

Click here to watch this video.

Now, click here to complete the activity sheet.

Answer sheet.



Can I look closely at plants and seeds and record what I see?

Our topic this term in science is Plants!

Click here and look at this PowerPoint presentation. It works best and it's more interactive if you play it as a slide show. Have a go at identifying the names of plants, flowers and trees. 

Main- Use one of the following templates (or create your own) to draw an observational picture of a flower and a tree. Can you label the parts? 

Tree and leaf observation

Plant observation