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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 8th Jan

Spelling quiz

Can you ask a grown up to read this weeks spellings aloud to you and see how many you can get right!



Recap- What has happened in the story so far?

Now watch the last part of the story below.

Thought shower: what do you think the moral of the story is? How can show this in what we do?

Today you are going to create a story map to show the beginning, middle and end of the Little Red Ant.

What happened first? Who did the Little Red Ant meet first? Who did she meet next? Who did she meet after that? How did she resolve her problem? What happened in the end?

Click here to view the story map template (or create your own).



Can you add equal groups?

Watch todays input here.





LO: I know how to keep clean and look after myself.

What things do you do everyday to keep yourself clean? What things do you do to look after yourself? 

You could have a look at this PowerPoint for more ideas!

Main- Can you make a "Keeping yourself clean" information poster?