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Catholic Primary School

Monday 18th January


Look, say, cover and write your spellings daily. 




Trees (spelling focus- 'a' making the 'o' sound)

The spelling groups will be the same as your child had last term. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to email me-



First, click here to watch this video- A visit to Mexico City (1 of 3) Barnaby Bear.

After watching the video, can you answer these questions? – what did you notice about Mexico? What did you find out? What did you see and hear? How long did it take to get to Mexico?

Main activity: Today we are going to write a diary entry, what is a diary? You are going to write about your journey to Mexico and your first day in Mexico.

How would we start the diary? (write the date and 'Dear diary, Today I ….')

What was the plane journey like? Remember to use adjectives and add detail. How did you feel? What did you see, hear, taste and smell? What was it like when you arrived in Mexico City?



Starter: Phase 3-5 Phonics flashcards- Click here to play flashcards speed trial on Phonics Play. Enter the free login details:

username: march20

password: home

Main: Teach split digraph 'i-e' and compare to 'ie' and 'igh'.

Blend to read the following words: like, time, slide

Spell the following words:  pine, ripe, invite

Write this sentence: The slide shines.



Year 1 video input




Year 2 video input




Topic- Link to Geography

Today, you are going to research all about Mexico! You have already written questions for what you would like to find out. Let's see how many answers we can find out today!

Click here to read the All About Mexico PowerPoint. Can you write down notes and key words that you read? This will help you with your writing later.

Now, click here for the activity. Read the instructions for the worksheet below.

Part 1: Can you locate Mexico on a world map? Find Mexico on an Atlas then colour it in on the world map.

Part 2: Can you write some interesting facts that you found out from the PowerPoint, using your notes to support. Remember to write in full sentences, using capital letters and full stops. 

This is the piece of work I will be marking today.