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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Swallows Monday 1st February

Good morning, Swallows!  Today, for our session, you will be signing in at 9:10 if you are in Group A, and 9:50 if you are in group B.  We will be looking at our English work and coming up with some ideas as a class.  I hope you can all help each other think of some great stuff!  I'll see you then!  Mr Cappuccini

Year 5 maths - Mixed numbers to improper fractions


Year 6 - Find a rule - one step

Today's Cappuccini Challenge!  remember to work backwards using the inverse operation when you know the output and the input is unknown.

Every day (until I run out of them) I will be placing a strategic board game below the Cappuccini Challenge for you to play with your family.  Check it out below!

Group A starter work.       Group B starter work         Well done for contributing this morning.  I'm thrilled!  Mr C