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Swallows Friday 29th January 2021

It's another end of another week, Swallows!  Again, thank you so much for your outstanding homework this week.  I'm so glad you are enjoying the lessons I am setting.  Please have a wonderful weekend.  Stay healthy, happy and safe!  Mr Cappuccini.

Well done to Swallows again!  You are smashing it every time.  Keep on Rockin'!

Today's Year 5 maths is found below!

The Year 6 maths work is below.

Can you match the fractions, decimal and percentages?

Mild       Hot       Spicy

What strategies did you use to work out that two cards matched?
Which pairs did you find easy to match? 
Which pairs did you find more difficult to match?

You can also play the game online here!

Today's Cappuccini Challenge!


PSHE - Alcohol slide show

Task 1

Task 2

DT (Banana bread for the weekend)