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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School



Acceptable Use of the Internet by Pupils May 2020

Admissions Policy 2019/20

Admissions Policy 2020/21

Admissions Policy 2021/22

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy  February 2020

After School Club February 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy October 2019-20

Asbestos Policy May 2020

Attendance Policy - Lewes District Schools October 2019

Behaviour Policy February 2020

Charging & Remissions Policy October 2019

Children Missing Education Policy February 2020

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy October 2019

Code of Conduct for Employees in School October 2019

Communicable Diseases Policy May 2020

Complaints Policy and Procedure October 2019

Contractor Safety Management May 2020

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health May 2020

Covid 19 Addendum to the ESCC Model Staff Behaviour Policy Code of Conduct


Crisis Management Plan 2019-20

Data Protection Policy February 2020

Designated Teacher for Looked-After Children 2019-20

DfE Equality Objectives

Disability Equality Scheme & Disability Accessibility Plan for Pupils February 2020

Drugs and Alcohol at Work Policy May 2020

Electricity Policy May 2020

EPR & PSHE Policy 2019

Equality Policy 

Fire Safety Policy May 2020

First Aid Policy May 2020

Governors Allowances Policy October 2019

Health and Safety Policy May 2020

Home School Agreement 2019/20

Hygiene - Checklist and Action Plan

ICT Acceptable Internet Use 2019

Incident Reporting Policy May 2020

Instrument of Government 2014

Legionella Policy May 2020

Mobile Phone Safety and Acceptable Use October 2019

Offsite Activities and Educational Visits Policy February 2020

Online Safety Policy October 2019

Personal Protective Equipment Policy May 2020

Positive Handling Policy May 2020

Prevent Policy October 2019

Privacy Notice for parents/carers May 2020

Relationships & Sex Education Policy 2019

Religious Education Policy 2019

Safe Recruitment Policy 2019-20

School Admission Appeal Form

School Uniform Policy May 2020

Spirituality, Prayer & Collective Worship Policy May 2020

Supervision Policy 2019-20

Supplementary Information Form 2019/20

Supplementary Information Form 2020/21

Supplementary Information Form 2021/22

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2019-20

Uncollected Child Policy February 2020

Violence and Aggression at Work May 2020

Voluntary Work Policy May 2020

Whistleblowing Policy October 2019