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St Pancras

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Eco Council

The Eco Council plays a fundamental role in Pupil Voice as they are the leading guardians and voices for our school environment: initiating Eco-projects, sharing information and inspiring global awareness of Eco-issues with their peers, school staff and the local community. 

This year we have 15 members on the Eco Council, yet we like to think that the whole school - including the staff at the school - are all part of the Eco Council, as we work very collaboratively. The Eco agenda is woven into the whole school ethos, so that it becomes an intrinsic part of school life and a natural part of children’s development and understanding of the world around them. Eco awareness is embedded into the curriculum, so that it forms a part of science, maths, geography, and other important lessons.

The Eco Council is not an exclusive club: we share all our findings and our thoughts with the whole school, and we listen to the thoughts of the children and the staff through Pupil Voice.

In 2020, the Eco Council produced a music video to celebrate and showcase their various Eco projects and to share their Eco message. In June of 2020, their video won the 'UK Champion' prize in the Better Energy School Awards, held by the Young People's Trust for the Environment. For more information, see here!

In 2021, we made a video all about COP26, you can watch it here.

For the latest news on all things Eco within the school, see our Eco Council messages page, here.  

The Eco Council is looking forward to more exciting initiatives and projects in the year ahead. 

Think Global – Act Local!