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Wednesday 1st April


Continuing to think about diary entries, as you did yesterday, this time I would like you to write your own personal diary entry, or a series of diary entries, about your life during these unusual times. What are your days like in social isolation, not being at school, having to do your work at home, and not being allowed to go out as often?

Use detailed description to talk about what you are seeing, experiencing, and particularly how you are feeling during these times. Use lots of different descriptive techniques, adjectives, similes, clauses, etc.

You can do this over one day, or tell me about the last few days in more than one diary entry.

Don't forget to use all the features you would typically find in a diary entry, just like yesterday.



Today, using the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division you have practiced I would like you to create 8 of your own different questions (2 of each of the operations).

I would like these to be word based questions, to do with something you have learned this term (Mexico, life cycles, story writing, etc.) For example an example of a Mexico themed addition question:

Carlos climbed up 1,218 steps of the side of the Mayan temple. He took photographs at the top, before climbing down another 837 and taking a rest. How many steps has he walked so far? 

And an example of a life-cycle themed division question:

Maria had 836 mammals living at her zoo. She had to move back to Mexico, so shared these animals amongst her 4 friends zoos. How many animals did each zoo get? 

Once you have created your 8 challenges, if you can, send them to a friend from your class, and get them to send you their challenges. This can be via any method you can - perhaps have your parents help you with sending an email or contacting via social media.

Then answer your friends questions. Once you are finished, swap answers with them to see if you were both right.



Please continue our work on Microsoft Excel. 

If you have access to Excel, or another spreadsheet software, then your challenge is to plan a fantasy party using Excel.

There is an example in the spreadsheet for you. Add your own items, prices, and other details in the table. Using the different Excel formulas we have practised add together the different elements of your party to work out the costs. 

Party Plan Budget Excel Document

Click this if you have forgotten the formula

If you do not have access to any spreadsheet programs at home, then have a go at Scratch programming instead.