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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 31st March


Today and tomorrow we are going to have a look at diaries, and their features. First of all have a watch of this video. It features a familiar character and author.

Did you enjoy it? Now have a look at the features of a diary entry.

Features of a diary entry.

Have you ever kept your own diary? What I would like you to do is write a diary entry from the point of view of either Senor Calavera, Grandma Beetle or Grandpa Zelmiro. 

Think about what happened to these characters during their day. Using colloquial language, first person, past tense, self-reflection, and detailed descriptions, write a diary telling me about their day in chronological order. Remember - you are pretending to be the character.



Continuing with our revision of the 4 main operations today I would like you to look at division. Particularly thinking about the short division method (sometimes called the bus stop method) watch these videos to remind yourself of how it works:


Then do these division worksheets using the short division method:

Once you have finished the starter check your answers by clicking here. Then go ahead and do a main challenge:

Once you have completed your challenges, once again mark your answers, and check any mistakes you might have made.



Today we are going to combine RE and guided reading, by looking at the Easter Story.

Read through the passage you have been given. Once you have read it through have a go at the questions. Look back at the text if you need to.

Then complete the further challenges. Try to work out the definitions of the words without a dictionary, using the context of the story - however you do have the option to use a dictionary if you need to. 

Once you have finished check your work using the answer sheet.