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Thursday 26th March


Continue your stories from yesterday!



Frida Kahlo (6 July 1907 – 13 July 1954), was a Mexican painter. She was known for her surreal and very personal works. She was married to Diego Rivera, also a well-known painter.

She was born in Mexico. She had polio that left her disabled when she was 6 years old and some people think that she may have had spina bifida (a birth defect affecting the development of part of the spine) as well. She studied medicine and was going to become a doctor. Because of a traffic accident at age 18 which badly injured her, she had periods of severe pain for the rest of her life. After this accident, Kahlo no longer continued her medical studies but took up painting. She used ideas about things that had happened to her. Her paintings are often shocking in the way they show pain and the harsh lives of women, especially her feelings about not being able to have children. Fifty-five of her 143 paintings are of herself. She was also influenced by native Mexican culture, shown in bright colours, with a mixture of realism and symbolism. 

Here are some of her self portaits:

Self portrait 1

Self portrait 2

Self portrait 3

Self portrait 4

Using a photograph of yourself, a camera, or even a mirror, create a self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo. If you can, use a lot of colour, especially including a very bright and colourful background. Frida Kahlo’s work was usually created using paint, so if possible, try to use paint. However if you don’t have any paint at home, you can use pencil, or any other medium available to you.



You have a number of options for PE. If you have access to a garden, go outside and do a sporting activity, football, rugby, hockey, tennis, etc. or simply run around the garden. Perhaps you could time yourself?

Alternatively, if you need to stay indoors, there are a few options available:

BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga (be aware that whilst this is a link to their website, the videos are hosted on Youtube, which may possibly contain ads)

'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons at 9am every day. You can do these at home. (again, be aware that these videos are hosted on Youtube)

Jumpstart Johnny has a free section with some workouts to do.