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Wednesday 25th March


Using all the skills we have practiced over the last few weeks, using the plans you should have already made, write your own Mexican style Trickster tale. If you want to read the original story we're basing these off again, it is available here.

You should be including all of these elements we have practiced: adjectives and descriptive language, similes, metaphors, personification, adverbs, fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions , ‘show don’t tell’ description, and anything else you think you will need to make your story amazing.

Check your plan regularly, it is there to help you. I would recommend you write your story over two days - don't rush it.

Try to organise your story into separate paragraphs. This will be important for the next stage once it is completed. There should probably be at least 10 short paragraphs if you followed the same style as the Just A Minute story we based these off.

Don’t forget your basics: capital letters, full-stops, commas, speech-marks, question marks, exclamation marks, and other important grammar and punctuation. Make sure to keep checking to see if there are any exciting types of writing from the list above that you have not included.



Just like yesterday I want you to continue revising the four main operations. Today, subtraction. Once again start by looking through the Powerpoint, and then have a go at a worksheet.

Subtraction revision Powerpoint

Subtraction revision worksheet

If you are doing mild, complete questions 1 - 4, hot complete 1 - 8, and spicy complete 1 - 12.

Then mark it, and check any mistakes you might have made

Subtraction Answers



The last few weeks we have working on Microsoft Excel. 

If you have access to Excel, or another spreadsheet software, then review things we have previously practiced using these files.

Click this if you have forgotten the formula

If you do not have access to any spreadsheet programs at home, then have a go at Scratch programming instead.