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Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 24th March


First, review the information about subordinating conjunctions, in preparation for using them in a story. Then have a go at one of the worksheets.

English Subordinating Conjunctions Powerpoint Input

Once you have completed your worksheet, mark it using the answers, and check any mistakes you made.

Subordinating Conjunctions - ANSWERS



This week and next week you are going to be reviewing the four main operations - starting today with addition.

First have a look through this addition Powerpoint to help you review and practice your skills.

Then complete this worksheet of addition questions. 

If you are doing mild, complete questions 1 - 4, hot complete 1 - 8, and spicy complete 1 - 12.

Then mark it, and check any mistakes you might have made

Addition answers



As part of this terms RE topic of 'self-discipline', I would like the students to look at the religion of Buddhism.

Study this Powerpoint which tells the story of the Buddha, and particularly the 'Eightfold Path', which is a set of rules for Buddhists.

For each of the 'Right' paths that Buddhists try to follow, under each title write a sentence or paragraph giving an example, using the questions you see on the Powerpoint.