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Monday 23rd March


For most of you in English today I want you to think about personification. Take a look through the Powerpoint first. Think about how you could use personification in a story! Then have a go at one of the worksheet challenges.

English Personification Powerpoint input

If you were away from school on Friday, instead I would like you to complete a detailed plan in preparation for writing your own Mexican trickster tale later in the week. Answer the questions on the planning sheet, based on the comic-style planning you have all already done and give information about what is going to happen in your story.

Here is the planning sheet you will need to complete.

If you want to read the original 'Just a Minute' story again, you can find it here.



For maths, review what we have done on percentages so far.

Starter for everyone

Once you have finished, check your work with these answers. Then check any mistakes you made.

Percentages - Mild Answers - Hot Answers - Spicy Answers



Using this BBC Bitesize link, or any other information you can research, draw out the life-cycle of a plant and write a sentence explaining each section of the life-cycle.

Then using the link, or your own research, complete a scientific drawing of a flower and label the different parts it has.