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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 21st April


Today, read the stories from yesterday again. 

Make sure you are really focusing and understand what you are reading, because you are going to answer some comprehension questions based on the story.

To find the story again click here.

 Once you have read the story through carefully answer these questions (if you read mild, you must answer the mild questions, otherwise it might not make sense)

Once you have finished your questions, you can check your answers here:



Before Easter you did a lot of work on fractions and decimals. Decimals and money go perfectly together.

First, have a look through this Powerpoint which compares decimals and money.

Remember, there are 100p in £1. So each 1 penny is ... what fraction of 100? And what decimal?

Once you have looked through this, work on the questions you can find on these worksheets.