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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Thursday 23rd April


You have a number of options for PE. If you have access to a garden, go outside and do a sporting activity, football, rugby, hockey, tennis, etc. or simply run around the garden. Perhaps you could time yourself?

Alternatively, if you need to stay indoors, there are a few options available:

BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga (be aware that whilst this is a link to their website, the videos are hosted on Youtube, which may possibly contain ads)

'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons at 9am every day. You can do these at home. (again, be aware that these videos are hosted on Youtube)

Jumpstart Johnny has a free section with some workouts to do.



Ancient Romans used mosaics to decorate their houses, and often used them to show off how rich they were.

Have a look at some of these Roman mosaics.

And here are some more Roman mosaics to look at.

This week I would like you to design and prepare your own Roman style mosaic, in preparation for creating your own next week.

You have two options:

If you have squared paper, please use this - if you don't, then either print lots of small squares on a page, or carefully using a pencil and ruler, cover a page in squares - as though you are making a wordsearch.

Then using coloured pencils, design either an everyday life scene, an animal scene, or simply a pattern, by colouring in a square at a time.

Alternatively you can use this website to design a mosaic online.



Through this term I would like you to follow a great language learning website called 'Duolingo'. 

Click here to find duolingo Spanish

You should need some speakers or headphones so you can hear, and make sure you say the words along with the computer to practice your Spanish. Make sure you pay attention, as it tests you along the way to make sure you're paying attention!

If the website ever asks you to create a profile, you can usually skip this or tell it to 'ask you later' - don't worry. You don't need to sign up to anything!