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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 24th April


Today, read the non-fiction reports from Wednesday again. 

Make sure you are really focusing and understand what you are reading, because you are going to answer some comprehension questions based on the report.

To find the story again click here.

 Once you have read the story through carefully answer these questions (if you read mild, you must answer the mild questions, otherwise it might not make sense)

Once again, when you have finished these, check through your answers.



Your task in maths today is to do some fantasy shopping.

Look up something you would like to buy - how much does it cost?

Work out, using pretend money, what coins or notes you would need to buy this product? 

Perhaps start small, and move on to move expensive items.

Choose at least 10 different items you would like to buy, write down what they are, how much they cost, and then what coins or notes you would need to buy that product! 



 Your topic this term is the Romans.

We will begin by learning about the history of Romans invading, starting in Rome, the capital of Italy, and how they became the rulers of much of Europe (and some of Africa and Asia!)

First of all look through this Powerpoint giving you information about Roman invasions. Your challenge is to create a poster or timeline showing the spread of the Roman empire. Use the following key dates: 800 BC, 237 BC, 133 BC, 44 BC, AD 79, AD 305.

You can use writing, maps, pictures or a combination of the three to present your work.

Here is a reminder of the maps and dates for you to use.

Once this is completed, I would also like you to complete this factfile about Julius Caesar, using your own researched information.

A template for the Julius Caesar factfile as well as questions I would like you to answer can be found by clicking here. There are two extra sections meaning you should find two extra facts of your own.