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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 29th April


Today, using the information you researched, and your knowledge of the features you can find in a newspaper report, complete a planning sheet in preparation for writing your own report on Friday.

Use your research from the event yesterday, and get creative with these, you haven't really interviewed anyone, but imagine that you have. Think about a catchy headline, maybe with a pun in it? How are you going to tell the reader what happened during the Great Fire of Rome?

Click here for a planning sheet. There are 3 there, the first is mild, the second is hot, the third is spicy.



Continuing to think about comparing and rounding amounts of money, I would like you to complete the below worksheet about money. Make sure with these questions that you read the instructions carefully!

Worksheets can be found by clicking here.

Set A = mild, Set B = hot, Set C = spicy



This term you are going to be focusing on coding. Coding is how anything on your computer works, and runs.

You will be using an online program called Scratch for this.

Scratch can be found by clicking this link.

In Scratch it will guide you, step-by-step through the complicated world of coding. There are tutorial videos that you need to follow to practice your coding.

Click the 'Tutorials' link at the top, next to a little picture of a lightbulb.

Today you need to follow the 'Imagine a World' video. Don't forget to click the arrows next to the video to complete it all.