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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 28th April


 Soon, you will be writing your own newspaper article. This is going to be about the 'Great Fire of Rome'. 

Naturally, to write a newspaper article you will need to know a lot about this event, so that you can write about it. Your task today is to simply research the Great Fire of Rome, which took place during the Ancient Roman times, under the leadership of the much disliked Emperor Nero. 

Find interesting facts and information that you can use to write about and turn into your report. Below, you can find some websites you might want to use, but feel free to use any of your own books or internet research.

Option one

Option two

Option three

Option four

Option five



 For today's maths, have a look through the below Powerpoint.

You will be working on ordering and rounding money amounts.

Can you remember how to round money?

There is no worksheet today - what I want you to do is look through the Powerpoint and calculate the answers to the many questions you find within.

Ordering and round money Powerpoint.