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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Monday 27th April


This week in English you are going to be building up to writing a newspaper report. 

Have you ever read a newspaper? 

First of all have a look through this Powerpoint to give you tips on the style and features of a newspaper report. 

Then using this newspaper article I would like you to go through and identify the features the Powerpoint told you about.

Use this checklist to help you know what to look for.



 Last term you practiced some column addition, and the addition of decimals. This works very similarly when you are adding amounts of money. 

Have a look through this Powerpoint, and practice adding some of the different amounts of money you see in it.

Once you have looked through the Powerpoint have a go at one of the challenges in this worksheet.

Set A = Mild

Set B = Hot

Set C = Spicy

(I'm sorry it is in black and white, rather than colour) 



Today you are going to be looking at teeth, and how they are important in human and animal bodies. First of all watch this video:

Once you have finished the video, using information you learned, or your own research I would like you to draw or copy a picture of a human jaw and teeth, labelling each tooth and what its purpose is.

Next if you can, I would like you to complete the experiment you saw in the video! You will need some cups, some eggs, and some different liquids - but particularly vinegar, water, and something sugary, like cola. 

Just like in the video put the eggs in the cups and cover them with the liquids. If you want, feel free to experiment with other liquids, with your parents permission.

Leave the eggs in the liquids for about 3 days. Maybe check back on them on Thursday? What happened to the eggs in each liquid?