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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Friday 1st May


Today I would like you to write your own newspaper article, using your planning and the information you researched about the Great Fire of Rome. 

If you want to use a newspaper template, you can find one here. However feel free to free hand this - just make sure you use a ruler.

Make sure you include all the features of a newspaper article. If you have forgotten some of them, click here to check out the examples you looked at on Monday.


 Today, spend some time on TTrockstars, practicing and playing money based games.



Continuing with your topic of Romans, today you are going to be looking at the famous Roman roads.

First of all have a look through this Powerpoint, giving you information about Roman roads.

You have two tasks based on this presentation. First use an atlas to locate the start and finish points of the Romans roads on a map of Britain. You can use this one, or draw out your own. Mark and label the places on your map and then draw and label the road. Use a different colour for each road.

Next use junk modelling materials to creatively make a Roman road look as realistic as possible, just like in the presentation. Make sure that you show all of the different parts of the road.