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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 6th May


 LO: I can write a balanced argument.

Today, you are going to be using your plan from yesterday to write a balanced argument: "Should the Romans have invaded Britain?"

Starter- Read this balanced argument. Highlight the comparing and contrasting conjunctions in this text then discuss the main points of the argument with someone at home. Maybe you can share your opinion on this topic? 

Now, using your plan and all the information we have gathered, I would like you to write your balanced argument. Remember a balanced argument should be fair and explore both sides equally. 



LO: Can I identify 3D shapes from isometric diagrams, stating the dimensions?

First read this useful page on drawing isometric shapes. 

Next, click here and have a go at identifying the dimensions of these shapes. 

Can you draw some more 3D shapes using the isometric paper? Write the volumes of the shapes you draw.

Here is a fun activity where you can make your own isometric shapes!



Today our aim is to learn about the Roman Empire and the power of it's army. We will use our research skills to find out what a Roman soldier wore and why. 

Read through this PowerPoint. You could also do your own research using the internet or any books you have on Romans.

Finally complete this activity.