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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 5th May


LO: I can plan a balanced argument

Starter: Time yourself for 1 minute to write down as many contrasting and comparative conjunctions as you can remember. 

Today we are going to be planning a balanced argument linked to our topic.

"Should the Romans have invaded Britain?" 

First, watch this video which explores the positive and negative impacts. 

Then complete this template which you will use to help you write a balanced argument tomorrow.



LO: Can I identify 3D shapes from their nets?

Have a look at these nets. Will they all turn into cubes? 

Next, click here and make the 3D shapes from their nets. Can you guess what shape it will be before you make it? If you don't have access to printing, have a go at drawing the nets yourself! 

Challenge! Can you make the net of a cylinder?