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St Pancras

Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 12th May


LO: Can I use my research skills to find out about inventions?

Following on from yesterdays lesson, today you are going to research inventions NOT invented by the Romans. 

Look around your house. I would like you to choose 5 things that you think are the most useful. Think of things that you use or need often.

Use the internet to find out when they were invented, who invented them etc... Then write a paragraph on each item. 

Things to include in your writing:

Who invented them? When were they invented?

What are they used for? Would you be able to live without it?



LO: Can I measure an angle greater than 180°?

Today you will be measuring reflex angles. 

Use a protractor to measure these angles. 

Another Alien angles game! Choose the 'up to 360 degrees' option and 'show protractor'. Use the protractor to measure the angle accurately. Then type in your answer and 'rocket launch' to check your answer! Have fun!


You can find this terms RE work on the main Lions class school closure work page.